O Lord, when is the appointed Time?

Have you been waiting on God for an answer to this question? or seeking a solution to a particular problem? Consider this Bible text, meditate on it and pray over it.

Psalm 102:13 in the Good News Translation

“You will rise and take pity on [insert your name]; the time has come to have mercy on [insert your name] this is the right time.”

Psalmu 102:13 ni Ede Yoruba

“Iwo yio dide lati saanu fun …[fi oruko re si]…. nitori ti asiko naa de fun …[fi oruko re si]…; Iwoyi ni asiko too.”

It’s noteworthy that in the old testament, the Lord ordained seasons of feasts for the people of Israel at different times of the year. These seasons are usually marked with eventful celebrations; marking God’s favour and goodness.

In similar ways, God often shows up at certain points marking a season in a believer’s life.

You might have been waiting for a very long time but as you are in that wait mode, activate your faith by making positive affirmations to birth forth your desires. Knowing that there is the set time for turn-around in your life.

I pray as you further confess the words in this Psalm 102, your faith will be strengthened and the Lord will grant you an earnest answer of peace.

Stay Blessed!

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