Stanza 1/3

Through the love of God our Saviour

All will be well;

Free and changeless is His favour,

All, all is well.

Precious is the blood that sealed us;

Perfect is the Grace that sealed us,

Strong the hand stretched out to shield us,

All must be well.

Stanza 2/3

Though we pass through tribulation,

All will be well

Ours is such a full salvation

All, all is well;

Happy, still in God confiding,

Fruitful, if in Christ abiding,

Holy, through the spirit’s guiding,

All must be well.

Stanza 3/3

We expect a bright tomorrow,

All will be well,

Faith can sing through days of sorrow,

All, all is well,

On our father’s love relying,

Jesus every need supplying,

Both in living and in dying

All must be well.

Here is a music video on the Hymn “Through the Love of God our Saviour” by Cyleback Salvation Army


 Life can be challenging. Some situations it brings on our way can sometime be overwhelming. It can sometime seem as if the trouble tide will sweep us away. Fearful circumstances which can cause one a failing heart stare us at the face and we tend to have wobbling knees and trembling hands. Amidst these unstable moments, the hymn writer opines that “All will be well”. She didn’t just stop there; she went ahead to profess that all is (already) well and she says, “All must be well” at the end of the day. These words of hers are not just mere professions because she paints a vivid picture of unpleasant situations life can present to us. But, she also readily x-rays the process of emancipation from the unending cycle of woes. Something must have given her the confidence to talk in such a manner and we would draw some lessons from the stanzas of this hymn.

First & foremost, we see the writer’s confidence is embedded in the fact that this saviour loves her. The certainty of her faith is also raised in the fact that this saviour’s favour is free and changeless. This quickly brings to mind Ephesians 2:8 in which the word of God tells us that we were redeemed by grace and not by works of our hand. So, if this be true then all is surely well. The extent of this saviour’s love is showcased by the fact that he also gave his precious blood. No friend can love you up to the point of death but, Jesus loved us even when we were still sinners (Rom. 5:8). His precious blood was used to set us free. The curse of sin has been broken over the life of the sinner and we have been saved from the clutches of death. The strength of this saviour is underscored in the last line as he held a strong grip to pull the sinner from the mires of sin. This is an encouragement for us at these challenging times in the contemporary society that light will always be at the end of the tunnel. There’s no situation so daunting or mountain so lofty that the strong arm of our redeemer can’t save us from. We are shielded from all situations by his seal of grace on us.

All will be well not minding the tribulation. “He knows the way we take, when he has tested us, we will come forth as gold” (Job 23:10). We weren’t promised a storm-free journey but peace and a safe landing at the end of the road. So, no matter the turbulence on our road to destiny, the hymn writer says all is well. It is not surprising where the faith is gotten from. The assurance stems from the fact that our salvation has been paid in full. The sojourn Jesus took to Calvary brought us freedom and as such all is well! Our joy can be kept in check once we keep confiding in Christ and our fruitfulness and productivity will be sure, if we in him also keep abiding for the word of God says in John 15:5 “…for apart from me you can do nothing”

So, the right attitude we need to keep while passing through the trying moments is tied primarily on who we confide in and where we abide. The spirit of God also helps to keep us holy even in times like this and until we engage all these “arsenals” mentioned, then we can boldly say, “All must be well”.

The hymn ends on a happy tone; a hopeful one that tomorrow will surely be better than today. Our faith can see us through the tough and rough times. Our tenacity can keep us afloat in the troubled waters. But it’s not just our mere strength nor hope neither is it just our conviction. This faith is relying totally on the love that the father has for us. It is predicated on the fact that Jesus supplies all our needs whether emotional or otherwise. He heals all our pains and lends a listening ears to our secret tears. We have nothing to lose when we throw our whole weight on him because whether in living or in dying all is well for us!

Therefore, there’s no need being afraid of what will become of you in this life and even after now. Jesus is well able to take care of our needs no matter how much they are. Hence, we can boldly declare; “All must be well”.

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