Steps to Live Stream Church Services in Lagos

You’ll be able to follow some steps to set up a live streaming service for your church by the end of reading this blog post.

You’ll be able to follow some steps to set up a live streaming service for your church by the end of reading this blog post.

The following are what we will cover in this course:

  • The basic steps in streaming live services
  • How to capture video effectively
  • How to capture high-quality audio
  • Presentation software to overlay lyrics and graphics
  • Live-streaming online and social media platforms
  • Video Post-production and follow-up
  • Budget-friendly operations

As an important follow-through to this blog post, I do not want you to miss the Media Ministry Toolkit. It’s packed with tons of helpful content and resources to help you make great edifying contents for your target audience. Also, everything mentioned in the blog post is explained in detail throughout the Toolkit, so it’s as easy as going to a specific page and clicking on what you need.


Church Streaming and Video Production – overview

  1. Get two to four cameras that can record video.
  2. Learn how to capture a high-quality audio mix.
  3. Live streams need to be equipped with graphics and other media playback options.
  4. Church live streams should be distributed on social media & the church website

These four steps will launch your church into great worship experience with your onsite and online congregation.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re building a live video stream especially if you’re not a full-time streamer. The four steps listed here are what we’d recommend. While there are many alternative options in the marketing when you are looking for cameras, presentation software, encoders, splitters, video switchers, and multi-streaming software.

Because of this, I have compiled a basic guide to put you through. Follow through it and see it work out.

Video Capture Necessities in Church Live Streaming

Plan to capture two to four angles of view; this is a great shot for a remarkable livestream setup. One of the camera view should be ideally focused on the pastor / worship leader; another view should provide a wide shot capture of the congregation/stage. Additional camera views could now capture side (partial) perspectives of the stage, or audience.

If you are looking for cameras to purchase, I recommend the Sony A6400. This is great at achieving high quality video on moderate budget.

Video Switchers – Top Gear Equipment

The ATEM Mini Pro is the first that readily comes to mind; if you are looking for a Video Switcher that goes well with your church media productions. The ATEM Mini has four HDMI inputs; giving you up to 3 camera angles.

If you wonder why I advocate using an external video switcher rather than a single computer software with multiple video feeds, I will tell you to consider your computer processing power. Multiple video streams entering your PC at the same time tend to slow down the processing power on the computer. Rather than managing four different inputs on your system, the Video Switcher narrows it down for you, into one single video input that would feed into your chosen streaming software.

For a growing church, you would like to upgrade your switcher to one with larger capabilities; such as ATEM TV Studio HD which has up to 7 inputs; or a ATEM Production Studio 4k with much higher functionalities.

Quality Audio Mixing for your Live Stream

An hassle-free way to achieve a quality audio output, similar to that of the congregational speakers is to have another post-fader mix bus.

You can simply plug in your mixer as an audio input device into your computer system simply using a USB Cord. This is however limited to a situation in which you have the mixer in the same tech booth as the computer.

Using a digital mixer console is the ideal equipment to use. If your church is still using an analog console, I will recommend upgrading to digital mixer. Meantime, you will need an analog to digital converter to enable your audio input into the streaming software.

Multi-Platform Streaming Software Applications

You might want to stream on some TV screens or projectors located in/around the church auditorium; while streaming online via YouTube or Facebook live. While these are laudable objectives, the right tools are needed to achieve the optimum results.

ProPresenter is a revolutionary application in the media space; and its highly recommended you get it for your streaming purposes.

PowerPoint and Plexi are good sources of Graphics Presentations.

EasyWorship, FreeWorship are nice for worship presentations.

OBS and vMix are great streaming software

ProPresenter now combines these multi-features in a single module with its compact options of overlaying lyrics as subtitles, adding Scripture Quotes, and other graphics while taking in video feeds from multiple cameras and streaming live on social platforms. Not only that, it also completes the audio streaming process by compressing them and blending with the video – ready for output.

ProPresenter has free trial options. Do check it out for yourself.

Streaming and Post Production

Restream and Resi are great multi-streaming platform. While Resi plans can be relatively costly, it has a resilient service that doesn’t allow for momentary break in transmission even when your internet connection fluctuates.

Church Online is a website builder offered by Life Church that can help you integrate your live stream into your website. It’s free and so won’t cost you a dime. The Church Online plugin helps you retain audience’ focus on the ongoing service; comparable to social media where there could be distractions from other newsfeed.

If you need to record your live stream and edit for post-distribution, via MP3 CDs or Audio MIDI file, you will need to plan this altogether in the course of your settings. Video Editing can readily be done with free software like Open Shot Video Editor. For professional purposes, Wondershare Filmora or Adobe Premiere Pro are my recommendations.

Budget-Friendly Live Stream

If you are considering budget-friendly video switcher, the ATEM Mini model is the best choice. Nonetheless, it’s limitations can play out when you are seeking multiple outputs; especially when your auditorium has many cameras. It is difficult to preview the cameras in the room while retaining the quality of the live stream.

So you now have it, the step-by-step guide to a successful live streaming in your church.


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